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My name is Vugar Abdullah ( Turanhan Elcibey ). I was born on 11 November 1974 in historical & splendid town of Azerbaijan in Sheki ( Sakasena ). Approximately 16 years I live in Turkey Republic and since 2003 I have received citizenship of Turkish Republic and at the present time I have a dual citizenship: Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In 1981 I have started to go in primary, middle and high school under the name of Nikolay Nekrasov in the city of Sheki, which educated formation in Russian Language. I studied very well, was always the provisional pupil, actively participated in all social, art and sports activities of school and city. In 1991 I have finished high school with the maximum estimations and have decided to continue after leaving school formation on "HIGH SCHOOLS" of Russian Federation and also has the same year started to be going to act on historical faculty of the Ural State University in the city of Yekaterinburg ( Sverdlovsk ). In connection with economic and the political crisises, which have arisen in the beginning of 90th years inside of Russia, unfortunately for me interest was gone to continue study in Russia and I has returned back to Azerbaijan and began to work in the textile industry, where long years worked my parents as engineers.  

In 1992, when the National Front of Azerbaijan has come to authority led by Ebulfeyz Elcibey, in Azerbaijan have occured very positive and basic changes and Azerbaijan after many years has proclaimed the independence. During such celebratory moment for my country I passed examinations for receipt in Turkish Universities and among tens thousand examinees, which passed examinations, have been selected only 900 persons and I was among these 900 persons, which have left from the country for reception of higher education at universities of Turkey. On results of examinations, I have acquired the right to study to the Higher School Of Social Sciences of Selcuk University in Marketing Department / Konya city. After 3 years of study ( together with preparation ), in 1995 I have finished Marketing Department with the maximum estimations and have once again acquired the right to continuation of study on bachelor's degree in Economy and Administration Faculty of Selcuk University in Business Administration Department. In 1999 I have finished study in bachelor's degree and have the same year acted on MBA Programme in Institute of Social Sciences of Selcuk University.

To professional labour life I have begun in the city of Antalya, which is famous with tourist sights. Here since 1994 for 1998 I worked in travel agencies as Tourist Guide and Foreign Economic Relations Manager. I have written the degree business about tourism and have protected it rather well. In spite of the fact, that I very much loved tourism and the business, I have been compelled to leave the fine and solar city of Antalya, in communication by that in 1998 married with lawyer Selma Elcibey ( Durdu ) and we began to live in that city ( Konya ), in which have got acquainted.

Since 1998 I have started to live and work in the city of Konya. In 1998 I have started to work in "KONYA SANAYI HOLDING" as Manager of Autogrossmarket under the name "KOMAR" and Executive Franchaising Director the given mark. In 1999 I have passed to other Holding Company "ESRA HOLDING" and worked in affiliated company "SIFA" as Foreign Trade Manager. In both above mentioned companies I worked successfully and to raise an operational experience I has decided to continue career in other more popular company "SEZERSAN INC." ( ). In "SEZERSAN INC." I have begun to work in a post of Foreign Trade Director. During 7.5 years I have made very successful career in this firm and a scale of success rose every year and for such successes a company management ( to which I am very grateful ), did to me increases in posts. In 2006 I became the General Director of company "SEZERSAN INC.".

The person always wants for itself and for the world to open all new and new, proceeding from this logic, I have decided to check up myself in other sectors of the business world and after 7.5 labour lives in company "SEZERSAN INC." I have received very good business offer from "HEDEFSAN GROUP COMPANIES" ( ) and to this offer I with the big pleasure have responded positively and since April of 2007 year I work in "HEDEFSAN GROUP COMANIES" in the daughter company of group "PAKSTAR CO. LTD" as General Director and I feel and is assured, that in this new work I will overcome the tops of success too.

I am married and I have two children: the son - Elterishan ( 9 y.o. ) and the daughter - Aybike ( 2 y.o. ).

I am speaking as fluent in English, Russian Languages and my Native Language the Azerbaijan dialect of Turkic Language, I perfectly own also Turkish ( Anatolian ) dialect of Turkic Language. I love very much the nature and to spend time on the nature, I like to go in for sports, was engaged in many kinds of sports as professional and as amateure.

I like very much to read historical novels, especially patriotic and heroic novels about the Turkic Nation and about their heroism on a world scene. I at all do not smoke and practically I do not use alcoholic drinks and I concern very badly to smoking and an alcoholism, I have no bad habits, I am the active fighter against smoking, an alcoholism and a narcotism and I am the good friend of environment and my motto: "The Sound Spirit In The Sound Body".





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